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If you have questions about AKTIVATE 30 - from entry details, to winning prizes - you probably aren't the only one.

While we love to think that we've somehow gained telepathic skills during lockdown, we appreciate that you guys may have a question that we didn't quite get round to answering. If that is the case, please just drop us a comment below - we'll get back to you ASAP with all the juicy details that you need to know. 


We won’t be offended if you’re not wearing Aktivfit! Despite this being a Aktivfit challenge, we totally understand that not everybody wanting to participate in AKTIVATE 30 will own AktivFit clothing, and, depending on your goal, gym wear might not actually be the most suitable attire...

Wear what you feel comfortable in, and if it happens to be AktivFit... well that's just an added bonus.

Yes! To take part and ensure that your AKTIVATE 30 entry is valid, you'll need to upload an entry image, your final 30/30 image, and, at least 2 images per week documenting your journey to one of the following social media channels:


Aktivfit Facebook

Shout out the highs, share the lows and document every moment of progress towards your pledge.

Although we'd love for you to share your challenge on every social media platform possible, posting on just one allows us to track and document your entire journey that little bit easier. Don’t forget to tag #AKTIVATE30 and @AKTVFIT!

This means that more of your posts will be seen by the ever important #AKTIVATE30 Social Media Team.



Your Activate 30 entry image has to be of yourself holding your pledge card. Whether it’s a #selfie, an image on self-timer, or, you’ve asked someone in your household to professionally take the photo; show us who you are and what achieving your goal in 30 days would mean to you. 


We encourage everyone participating in #Aktivate30 to have a goal to work towards - whether it's improving your overall wellbeing, increasing your physical fitness, or simply becoming more creative, your goal should be something personable to you. Please don't feel pressured by what you see on social media - do what's best for you!

Take the time before #Aktivate30 really begins to experiment with what you enjoy and what will give you the motivation to continue. The gym isn't for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try something new and find something that you truly care about.

The first step when picking your goal, is deciding what exactly you want to achieve/gain from your journey.

The second is creating a plan of action. Now that you've got your north star - the one big goal that you'll strive to achieve - you'll need to break it down into smaller, more tangible steps. Think of it like stepping stones: by week one, I want to achieve *insert baby step*, by week six, I want to achieve *insert bigger, baby step*.

After setting your goals, patience and perseverance are key to success. Be patient with yourself and your body, start steady to avoid injury and enjoy what you choose to do! 


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